Client: Act For Peace

Role in production: Editor / Sound Editor / Colourist

Year of production: 2016.

Running Time: 1-2 min/video. 8 videos

Color / Sound

Edited via Final Cut 10/X 

As part of my six month multimedia internship, I was entasked to edit up 6 1-2 minute videos for Act for Peace's main charity campaign called The Christmas Bowl. 

The footage was already available and archived, shot in previous years by different videographers. I had to come up with a fresh take on the footage and create an emotional connection with the audience (consisting of Christians and non-christians interesed in charity for refugees, the sick and the hungry).

At first I had to write 6 different scripts exploring traumatic events in 6 different countries. These scripts were sent to my supervisor - a marketing executive and the campaigns director - to be approved.

Once approved, I edited each video based on the script and sent it back and forth for reviews and changes. 

Royalty free music was purchased via Premium Beat and AudioJungle.

In addition to creating the six videos, I was also trusted to create an appeal video and a "Thank you" video.