Client: Dominic Steele / Matthias Media (Sydney, Australia)

Role in production: Editor / Sound Editor / Colourist

Year of production: 2016-2017.

Running Time: 5-8 min/video. 12 videos.

Color / Sound

Edited via Premiere Pro CC 

Ideas That Changed The World is a DVD series consisting of twelve videos, each about five to seven minutes long. It is a historical documentary and bible study guide catered for bible study groups, churches and ministries to educate and inform about the Protestant Reformation that took place 500 years ago in Europe.

Revd Dominic Steele flew to Europe with a videographer and assistant to film the series. In October 2016, he hired me as the main editor, sound designer, and colourist to put the series together. This project took me from November to January to finish. Graphics and animations were done by Bryce McLellan and music by Cameron Henderson.

The process of editing this DVD series was understanding the structure of the show. I had no prior knowledge of the reformation. This helped me as I was learning as I was cutting it. If I could understand it, then chances are an audience would too. 

Each episode took a week to edit from rough cut to fine cut before being delivered to the graphics and animation artist and composer. Each episode would then be fine tuned with the animations in place and a rough idea of where the music would sit under. 

All twelve videos were completed by December. 

Ideas That Changed The World was then distributed across Australia via the media company Matthias Media and is popular amongst churches and bible study groups.


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