JERUSALEM - Animated Music Video

Year of production: 2017

Running Time: ~4 mins

Drawn on Illustrator | Animations on After Effects

I love to seeking new challenges and learning new skills and techniques to improve my filmmaking craft. In this particular case, it was animation. My background and understanding of animation only involved animating objects, texts and graphics for an opening sequence or an insert. I had never undertaken a project where human characters were involved... until now.


In October 2017, I fell in love with the song "Jerusalem" by CityAlight. The song evoked so much emotion in me that I conjured up a vision of an animated music video based on the song's lyrics and couldn't let it go until it turned into what you see above. The four-month journey of storyboard to completion involved giving up and trying again, endless illustrations, countless hours and thousands of song repeats on ITunes. What first started off as terrible South Park imitations soon morphed into drawings inspired by The Bible Project.


I finished "Jerusalem" in December 2017 and released it to the public in January 2018. 


The music video was well received by CityAlight, was shared on social media platforms by churches and Christians all over the world and has over a thousand plays.