Client: Dayne Hudson / Plus Fitness 24/7

Role in production: Editor / Sound Editor / Colourist

Year of production: 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.

Running Time: 30 min/session

Color / Sound

Edited with Premiere Pro 6/CC | Animations done via After Effects

Plus Fitness 24/7, along with Dayne Hudson from Fit'N'Flexed, provided me with the opportunity to edit their yearly training videos / videos-on-demand. I was entrusted with editing all 12 videos with complete creative freedom.


Each video ran between 15-30 minutes. This was a multi-cam edit using Premiere Pro CC & After Effects CC for animations and graphics.


I also created every year's promo videos.

Plus Fitness Opening Sequence (2017)

Plus Fitness Promo (2015)

Plus Fitness F30 Workout (2015)

2015 Training video

2017 Training video

The editing process was quite simple.


Each video had to start with an animation of the logo (The opening sequence). I was also told to include timelapse inserts and wide-shot inserts. Then I would just cut between two shots (a close-up or medium) and a wide. Whenever I felt there was something important the audience needed to see or hear, I would cut to a close. 


Every year, I tried my best to raise the bar even higher in terms of animation and graphics. Since the content was already an improvement, all it needed was a fresher look. 


I first started with the corner logo. Plus Fitness wanted a white logo.

















My job was to try and find a way to make that logo appear in a subtle and smooth way. I didn't want to just fade in... (that's too easy). Instead, I wanted it to link up with another animation.


I took the opening sequence and animated the orange swoosh to appear from the bottom corner of the frame to the top. From that, I controlled the opacity and position of the Plus Fitness logo and animated it to position and scale itself down to the bottom corner. From there, I turned it into a 3D layer and made it rotate. The logo would rotate 180 degrees, allowing the white logo to appear. Kind of like twirling a coin and seeing the tail-end.














The end result was a smoother transition between any two shots and a smoother introduction to the white logo.























I also wanted to include a rep countdown for some of the videos. I first looked at Plus Fitness' colors (blue and orange). I felt the countdown had to encompass those colors.


I thought about how a consumer would view these videos. For some reason, I imagined a fatigued fifty-year old lady struggling to keep up with how many reps she had left to do and I thought the best solution was to show her the rep countdown in big, bold and orange numbers.




















Plus Fitness were quite happy with it!


This is what they said about it: 
"The class content, locations and professionalism are first class and has taken our COD options to a whole new level. We now have a “world class” product for our network to use and enjoy thanks to you guys."


Big plus from them!



2015's transition

2017's transition